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Almond County, Mowe Town (Developer's Plot)

Mowe Town - Mowe




The Developers’ plot is a scheme that offers developers the opportunity to own their estate within Almond-County, Mowe Town. It is packaged for those who want to develop without the hassle of dealing with Omo-Onile.

Almond County, Mowe Town is in a serene environment. It is a dynamic estate that is functional, unique and tastefully designed with basic facilities to give a world-class experience. 


Q.1: Why should I buy land in the Estate? 

Almond County, Mowe Town, offers you everything you have ever dreamt of. It is just 15 minutes’ drive from Redemption Camp.


It is a property in a gated community with good topography, adequate security, and good land title.

The Estate is free from Government Acquisition/interest, no adverse claim and there is C of O covering the Entire Estate.

Our offer is amongst the most affordable yet valuable offers in the market. We are driven by vision and not just by profit.

We maintain a very convenient and flexible payment plan.

Q.2: What is the size of the plot of land under the developers’ scheme?

Minimum plot size for sale under this scheme is 3600sqm. You can purchase up to 21600sqm (3 plots maximum).

Q.3: What are the other benefits of subscribing to this project aside land? 

Perimeter fencing, adequate security, no price-control and user-control mechanism.


Q.4: What’s the payment breakdown?

Almond County, Mowe Town (Developers’ Plot)


3 Months

6 Months


Title Document

Global C of O







Q.5: Does this cost include infrastructure and all required settlement?


No, Payment does not include cost of infrastructure and settlement fee for foundation, roofing, etc.


Developers can engage the management of Almond County, Mowe Town for joint arrangement on provision of infrastructure at a separate cost, and would have to pay the settlement fee whenever the community demands.



Q.6: Will LIFEPAGE provide access road for individual plot(s) purchased from the developers?


No, LIFEPAGE will only provide access road for plot(s) purchased by the developers.

Developers will be responsible for provision of access roads to individual plots of their subscribers.


Q.7: Who will be responsible for plot allotment and survey processing?

LIFEPAGE will be responsible for allotment of the developers’ plot and would process legal deed in the developers’ name. However, allocation fee of N100,000 only will be charged.

Developers will pay for Legal Deed which is 5% (maximum) of the total cost of the plot purchase. 

Perfection of title will be the sole responsibility of the developer.


Q.8: Is there any restriction to the type of building I can build?


Developers and their subscribers are permitted to build residential and/or residential-related structures. Also, Developers can decide to sell the plots as land or houses.



Q.9: Do you have developers’ plots for sale in other estates?


No. Kindly check our current flyer and brochure or visit for other projects.



Q.10: Do you build for your subscribers?

Yes, we do! Please contact 09060005737, 09060005747 for more information.

Payment Plans


3600 m2


1 Acre

₦ 28,500,000
3 Month Instalment
₦ 28,500,000
6 Month Instalment
₦ 28,500,000

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