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Almond Homes & Apartments, Mowe Town

Mowe Town, along Lagos - Ibadan Express Road - Mowe


Almond Homes & Apartments is perfectly designed with your peace and privacy in mind.

2-Bedroom & 3-Bedroom Bungalow (Semi-Finished) available.


Gated Estate

POP Ceiling

Self Compound

Serene Environment

External Screeded Wall and Painting

Electricity Supply

Parking Lot for 2 Cars

Almond Homes & Apartment, Mowe Town FAQ

Q.1 Who is the developer of Almond Homes & Apartment, Mowe Town?


LIFEPAGE Property & Investments Limited is the developer.

Q.2 Is the development within a gated and secured estate?


Yes, it is!


Q.3 What is the title covering the estate?


The estate has a Global C of O.

Q.4 Is there a flexible payment plan?


Yes, there is up to 24-months payment plan. However, a down payment of N1,000,000.00 for 2 Bed and N1,500,000.00 for 3 Bed must be made while the balance is spread over the chosen payment period.

Q.5 How long does the subscriber need to wait to have the product (house) delivered?

90 days after payment is completed.


Q.6 Can subscribers choose their apartments?


Delivery will be on the basis of those who complete payment first.

Q.7 Any penalty if I default at any point?


20% default charge applies in this case. 

Q.8 Is there a cut-off date for monthly instalment to be paid before default charge is applied?

Yes, there is!

Default charge will be activated after the 5th day of your next instalment.

Q.9 Do I get any discount if I complete payment before the maximum payment period I signed up for?

 Prices already come discounted, so there will not be further discounts.


Q.10 Are there other payments and obligations aside payment for the apartment?


Yes, you shall be required to pay for developmental levy (for basic infrastructure of the estate) and documentation fee (for the deed of assignment, floor plans, and allocation papers).

Q.11 How much is the developmental levy and documentation fee at Almond County, Mowe?


Documentation fee is N700,000.00 (Seven Hundred and Thousand Naira) for 3-Bedroom and N500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) for 2-Bedroom. This is subject to upward review by the professional bodies involved. 

Developmental levy is 1.5M.


Q.12 Who shall be responsible for the maintenance and management of the estate and are there associated monthly or annual service charges?


A facility management company will be engaged to ensure that general infrastructure is well maintained. Just like every well-structured estate, residents have obligations to pay monthly/annual service charges.


Q.13 Why should I buy in this Housing Estate?

 We promise what we deliver and deliver what we promise.

This HOUSING estate is 15 minutes’ drive to Redemption Camp. It is located close to amenities that can make living within the estate enjoyable.

The Estate is free from Government Acquisition/interest, no adverse claimant on the Entire Estate.

Our offer is among the most affordable yet valuable offers in the market.

We are driven by vision and not just by profit.


Q.14 What other Estates do you have?

Kindly check our current flyer and brochure or visit


Q.15 Do you build for your subscribers?


Yes, we do! Please contact 09060005737, 09060005747 for more information.

Q.16 Do you only build for subscribers in your estates?

No! We also build for clients on other sites too. Please contact 09060005737, 09060005747 for more information.

Payment Plans




2 bedroom apartment containing 2 bedrooms, sitting room, kitchen, toilet and bathroom

6 Month Instalment
₦ 16,000,000
18 Month Instalment
₦ 17,000,000
24 Month Instalment
₦ 19,000,000




3 bedroom apartment containing a Master bedroom ensuite, 2 other bedrooms, sitting room, kitchen, toilet and bathroom

6 Month Instalment
₦ 20,000,000
18 Month Instalment
₦ 22,000,000
24 Month Instalment
₦ 24,000,000